Thursday, February 16, 2012

Whitney Houston Fans Will Follow her Funeral Online

Whitney Houston, a famous singer who died in the age of 48 will be having her funeral at the New Hope Baptist Church. Many of her fans would like to come but the Houston family wanted it to be private. But they can still support by buying her CDs.
But her story will not yet end here. Investigators are still on the lead to find the reason of her death. They said Houston was in a bathtub underwater according to one of her staff that came in. They did toxicology on her but it would take weeks before the process would reveal the results.
During her interview with Oprah Winfrey, they talked about the death of the 51 year old Michael Jackson and said she did not want that to happen to them.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Yahoo Listed The Worst Celebrity Dresser

On Yahoo, you can see 10 pictures of different artists who, in one way or another have made huge messes in public according to the news.

The first picture was when Justin Beiber was on his way to the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes, France in his horrible motorcycle jacket. Another picture viewed David Lee Roth singing his heart out in a record release party in his cheap woman blouse. Another was Rihanna in her messy outfit partied in Hollywood. Jennifer Lopez marched around in NYC with her unadorned pants. Nick Nolte was taken a picture in his brown suit. Paris Hilton was not expected to wear garters in public. Rachel McAdams wore a bluish outfit but some people hate her displeasing sheer tops. Brandy and her see-through tops do not go together in her overall outfit. Black Eyed Peas walked in London with his feminine gloves which made him look ridiculous. And lastly songbird Bjork set foot on New York City in her blizzard outfit.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Stunning Photos from National Geographic and some Stores

According to Joshua Yurche’s photos of Mt. Etna showed by the National Geographic Your Shot, the volcano had erupted for the first time in the new year. The image showed a figure of fire with the beautiful colors by the rising sun at the photographer.

Another picture of a beautiful and sunny morning in the National Park at Celaquein, Honduras was shown in the National Geographic Your Shot collection. This picture by Eva Liskova revealed the sun shining through a tree.

Boris Bajcetic took a picture in Danube River at Vojvodina, Serbia of the forest every winter.
A picture which Mudesar Ahmed took uncovered the Diran Peak.

On the archipelago of Antarctica, a native specie was found proved by the photo of Fernanda Pateo. This animal is the leopard seal. The picture revealed the animal in its open mouth.
Andrea Mazzotta took a picture of a duck after its dive which showed its back.

Timothy Wenzel had been looking for the perfect descent sun’s picture and had almost give up. But when he turned around and saw the clouds parting, he quickly took a picture.
Goran Anastasovski took a picture of a leopard in its cutest face for the last.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Snoop Dogg Appears on The Price is Right and Makes a Big Winning

snoop dogg on price is right
Music Icon Snoop Dogg Appearing on "The Price is Right"
Hello guys,  it has been a while since I blog here.

I just want to share something to all of you. I think you will be surprise to know that Snoop Dogg did appeared  on "Price is Right". Yep, that is right the music icon himself was there. and guess what he did take home some cash. He won $72,000 which he says will be going out to his sponsored foundation "Snoop Youth Football League". Well now that is gangsta with a big heart.

Watch the video below to expereince the excitement of this show:

Saturday, December 31, 2011

5 Things You Need in Putting Up A Small Retail Store

If you will put up a new store you will need these five things.

1. Capital – This refers to the amount of money to be spent in order to put up the store. The amount needed depends on how big the store is. The smaller the store, the smaller the capital needed.

2. Goods or commodities to sell – Goods or commodities are the different things that you put in your store for sale. One good characteristics of a store owner is that he/she knows his/her customers need.

3. Equipment and facilities – In order to operate a store effectively, cabinets, tables, chairs, benches and shelves are needed.

4. Site - This is where the store is to be located. It is always good to put up a store in very strategic places like an intersection of two streets. Some small retail stores, though, are located in the homes of the owners. The backyard or a part of the house nearest to the street which people can easily reach is used.

5. Pleasing personality – One needs a pleasing character in order to run a retail store. A successful store owner is one who is patient, honest, friendly and knows how to relate with people who buy in his/her store.

Basic Store Layout

So I was going through my college notes today, I remember having to memorize this basic kinds of Store Layout.

 1. U-shaped store layout – This layout gives the customers a good view of the goods on display and a chance to freely choose the goods they need. This kind of layout requires only a few people to attend to the needs of the customers/buyers.

2. Closed Store layout – This layout requires more people to manage the store and attend to the needs of the customers. Only the store personnel are inside the store while the customers wait to be served outside.

3. Parallel shelves Store layout – The goods are arranged parallel to each other. They are classified and arranged according to kind by shelf. This arrangement is advantageous to the customers or buyers. It will save them time and energy locating the things that they need.

4. Combination store layout – This combines the U-shaped and parallel shelves layout. The customers can have a good view of the products on display which are already arranged according to type of merchandise.

For those who are opening a new store I hope this helps. For students who are looking for more notes this can be a good help too. You can also check my  works with compilation of iPhone 4s cases that are best for cool people like you!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Rare Footage of Young US. President Barack Obama on 1991 Tv Ad, with First Lady Michelle Obama Booed at Nascar

President Barack Obama
Young Barack Obama on TV Ad 1991
Amid the negative popularity news with US fist lady Michelle Obama booed at NASCAR appearance the first couple is then again being starred on the news headlines. A new video has been circulating on social media and video sharing website Youtube about a rare footage of a very young Us. President Barack Obama appearing on a TV ad.

The ad is dated 1991, when being a president was a far fetch dream for the aspiring and talented editor for Harvard Law review School Barack Obama. I think by that time Obama was just imagining how he can be the first Black American to lead 51 states of his nation. Not knowing that 21 years later that dream would come true. From the video we can see how poor he is when facing the camera. Unlike now that he seem natural to be speaking on a lot of lenses focusing on him. Public speaking and oratorical skill is the best asset if you want to be on politics! The ad was for TBS on appreciation for Black History History Minute.

Watch the video here:

 Would you expect that Michelle Obama booed at NASCAR race? Look at her reaction here.

michelle obama booed at nascar